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Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the Retail Sector

Date: 01-Jan-2024

What is it?

  • Companies must meet the Progressive Wage Model wage and training requirements for retail workers who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents.
  • Progressive wages are set at each level to ensure that retail workers are paid wages that are commensurate with their skills and productivity.

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What's Next?

1. Upcoming Trends: Navigating Transformations in the Food Services Industry

  • Rise in sustainability awareness among consumers
  • Expansion into new retail models
  • Emergence of automation and data analytics

2. Impact on Retail Sector Jobs

  • Quick adoption of technology and modifications in retail marketing tactics lead to the requirement for skill evolution, shaped by the current wave of retail digital transformation
  • Necessitates rapid adaptation and upskilling

3. Emerging job opportunities in the Food Services Industry

  • Customer-centric roles such as Customer Experience Managers
  • Sustainability Specialists and Product Innovators
  • Roles focused on technological innovation such as Digital Marketers, UI/UX Designers

4. Essential skills required to thrive in the Retail Sector

  • Expertise in Omni-channel Retail Marketing
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Knowledge of Retail Supply Chain Management
  • Proficiency in Performance Metrics Evaluation

5. Support available for employers

  • Tap on the various support available to redesign jobs and uplift the careers of the workforce

6. How job seekers can stay relevant

  • Career Advisory Services
  • My CareersFuture Portal
  • Volunteer Career Advisors initiative (vCAi)
  • Career Conversion Programme (CCP)
  • Mid Career Pathways Programme

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What can you do?

  • Apply what you’ve learnt in the workplace
  • Embrace innovations, and technologies and incorporate them into daily operations
  • Mindset shifts towards adopting a proactive attitude towards upskilling and reskilling are essential
  • Continue upskilling and reskilling yourself
  • Tap into the available resources for support

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Resources that can help you

  • Understanding the changes in the industry

  • Career Conversion Programmes (CCP) for Individuals

  • Mid-Career Pathways Programme for Mature Mid-career Individuals

  • Career Advisory & Coaching

  • MyCareersFuture Portal

  • Volunteer Career Advisors initiative

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