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Environmental Control Coordinator (ECC) Course (Classroom / Synchronous E-Learning)


Good environmental hygiene is required to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. This is especially important in our current climate where COVID-19 is disrupting our daily lives. 

With effect from 30 July 2021, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has implemented the Environmental Sanitation (ES) regime progressively, starting with higher-risk premises with immuno-vulnerable occupants and/or high footfall such as preschools, schools, youth facilities and eldercare facilities, followed by food centres and/or markets (FCMs) and coffeeshops.

The ES regime will be implemented in the FCM sector on 1 December 2021.

To prepare for the implementation of the ES regime, all specified premises managers will have to identify an Environmental Control Coordinator (ECC) to undergo training and be registered with the NEA, and in order to be registered as an ECC with NEA, individuals are required to attend and pass a requisite ECC training course.

ECC Training Course


Classroom TGS Code: TGS-2021008094

Synchronous E-Learning TGS Code: TGS-2021008093

This course trains and equip learners with the necessary knowledge and skillsets to assume the role of Environmental Control Coordinator (ECC). This will enable them to assist Premises manager with the implementation of the Environmental Sanitation Programme that is in line with the sector specific mandatory standards stipulated under the Environmental Sanitation (ES) Regime.


Course Objectives

This course addresses the following learning units:
• Environmental Public Heath Act
• Roles and Responsisbilities of Environmental Control Coordinators (ECCs)
• Indoor Air Quality
• Overview of infectious diseases infection prevention and control
• General Cleaning and Disinfection
• Pest Management


Course Duration

16 hours (2 days)


Course Fees and Funding


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