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Design Thinking Practitioner Course (IBM Skills Academy Certification) (Classroom & Asynchronous)

Experience a new way of solving business issues with IBM Design Thinking

In these uncertain times, companies need to be more agile and innovative to stay competitive. Outgrow your competitors in the ever-changing business landscape. Get certified now by one of the biggest name in the Infocomm industry!


IBM is one of the largest and most innovative tech companies in the world. Their Design Thinking Framework helps teams understand and deliver greater user outcomes at the speed and scale of your enterprise. IBM Design Thinking begins with a focus on user outcomes, a multidisciplinary team, and a spirit of restless
reinvention. We’ve put these pieces together into a powerful behavioral model and a set of key practices to scale design thinking to even the most complex projects.

Practitioners achieve wonderful results when implementing new go-to-market plans!

Join us now and be one of the over 176,000 that have been certified through the programme.


Course Duration

5 days (40.5 hours)


Course Fees


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Phone Number+65 6610 3737 / 6610 8223 / 6398 0067
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