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Vision / Mission

About Us

Established in 2008, Ascendo Academy is proud to be about to help individuals and corporations alike in upskilling and reskilling to be future-ready through its passion and commitment to adult learning.

We conduct a wide range of funded training courses to meet the needs of service industries such as Food Services, Environmental Services, Security, Retail, etc.

We provide:

  • Food Safety Course Level 1, 2, 3 in English, Chinese  (Refresher/ AOP options available)
  • Progressive Wage Model (PWM) courses for Food Services, Environmental Services, Security and Retail
  • SkillsFuture for the Digital Workplace 2.0
  • Culinary and Baking Courses
  • Service Excellence and Food Service Course
  • Many More … 


Our Vision

The Leader in Future-Ready Adult Learning Solutions


Our Mission

Creating Value, Touching Lives

We create value and touch lives of learners through future-ready training, to contribute to sustainability and growth of individuals, organisations, and society


Our Values

Applied Learning - Learning for the real-world

Sustainability - Sustainability through lifelong learning and well-being for all

Care - Caring Individuals for a Caring Society

Employability - Enhance Employability and Entrepreneurship

Nurture - Encourage and Nurture 

Diligence - Diligence and Professionalism 

Ownership - Own the Challenge, Own the Solution



Phone Number+65 6610 3737 / 6610 8223 / 6398 0067
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