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Progressive Wage Model for the Food Services Sector

Date: 01-Jan-2024

What is it? 

Companies must meet the Progressive Wage Model wage and training requirements for food services workers who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

The food services PWM will cover the food services roles in Category A and Category B in food establishments:

Category A: Quick-Service (QS) Food Establishments and Supermarkets (with ready-to-eat food stations)

Food/Drink Stall Assistant > Kitchen Assistant/Food Service Counter Attendant > Cook (QS)  > Senior Cook

Category B: Full Service (FS) Food Establishments, Caterers and Central Kitchens

Waiter > Waiter Supervisor > Manager

Kitchen Assistant  (FS) > Cook (FS) > Senior Cook

Source: Recommendations of the Tripartite Cluster for the Food Services Industry on Introducing the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the food service sector.  Published 15 Feb 2023

View the Summary of recommended Food Services PWM Baseline Gross Wages (excluding overtime) for Category A & B (from 1 March 2023 to 28 February 2026) below:


What's Next?

What can you do? 

  • Apply what you’ve learned in the workplace
  • Embrace innovations, and technologies and incorporate them into daily operations
  • Mindset shifts towards adopting a proactive attitude towards upskilling and reskilling are essential
  • Continue upskilling and reskilling yourself
  • Tap into the available resources for support

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Resources that can help you

  • Understanding the changes in the industry

  • Career Conversion Programmes (CCP) for Individuals

  • Mid-Career Pathways Programme for Mature Mid-career Individuals

  • Career Advisory & Coaching

  • MyCareersFuture Portal

  • Volunteer Career Advisors initiative

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