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Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the Security Sector

Date: 01-Jan-2024

Security Industry Transformation (ITM)

What is it?

  • Develop a vibrant, technologically advanced, and competitive security
  • Delivers better security outcomes for Singapore and provides good jobs for Singaporeans


  • More than 49,000 security officers and 250 security agencies support the Home Team to protect the many places where we live and work
  • Heightened terrorism threat, increased demand for security services, and slowing pace of workforce growth
  • Increase productivity and make the job requirements less manpower-intensive


Strategies to Deliver Integrated Security Solutions

  1. Align regulatory criteria with ITM objectives to raise standards
  2. Promotes best practices in procurement of security services, with the Government taking the lead
  3. Invest in skills to support career advancement
  4. Push for technology and innovation to transform operating models

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What does that mean for us?

  1. Smarter security solutions
  2. Shift to technology
  3. Redesign of processes
  4. Skilled manpower to enable new technology and services

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What can you do?

1. Enhance Skills Training

  • ITE’s Work-Learn Technical Diploma (WLD) in Security Systems Engineering
  • Modular courses in emerging areas relevant to the security industry, such as
    • Data Analytics
    • Tech-Enabled Services

2. SkillsFuture Study Awards

  • Early to mid-career Singaporeans in the security industry can also tap on the SkillsFuture Study Award to pursue security-related Diploma and Degree courses
  • Encourage skills upgrading and prepare security personnel to take on professional, managerial, and executive roles


Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for Security Sector

  • Security agencies and employers of in-house security officers must meet the Progressive Wage Model wage and training requirements for security officers who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents.
  • The PWM is a licensing condition for security agencies under the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD).

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What's Next?

What can you do?

  • Apply what you’ve learned in the workplace
  • Embrace innovations, and technologies and incorporate them into daily operations
  • Mindset shifts towards adopting a proactive attitude towards upskilling and reskilling are essential
  • Continue upskilling and reskilling yourself
  • Tap into the available resources for support

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Resources that can help you

  • Understanding the changes in the industry

  • Career Conversion Programmes (CCP) for Individuals

  • Mid-Career Pathways Programme for Mature Mid-career Individuals

  • Career Advisory & Coaching

  • MyCareersFuture Portal

  • Volunteer Career Advisors initiative

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