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bizSAFE Level 1 - E-Learning Course-Workshop for CEO/Top Management

bizSAFE Level 1 - E-Learning Course-Workshop for CEO/Top Management

Overview of the WSH Act, subsidiary legislation. Introduction to Risk Management concept, bizSAFE Concept How to create a conducive safety culture in the company. Financial planning; balancing profitability and safety in the organization. Individual Assignment/ Group Discussion. Official endorsement of the company’s WSH Policy.

  • Ascendo Academy is an Appointed Service Provider for e-Learning bizSAFE Level1 course by WSHC!
  • bizSAFE is developed by the Workplace Safety and Health(WSH)Council in 2007 as a five-step programme to assist companies build up their WSH capabilities.
  • Top management to understand their roles in cultivating a good safety culture in the workplace
  • Learn to construct a suitable Workplace safely & Health(WSH) policy
  • Attend the course anywhere
  • Flexible timing to your convenience
  • User-friendly and interactive program
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  • The e-Learning course must be completed within 7 working days upon successful registration.
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  • Participant must be CEO/Top management level.
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  • Ascendo Academy Pte Ltd reserves the right to reject participants who do not meet the above criteria
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